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The Secret of Happiness is to Admire Without Desiring

follow My morning began with a beautiful view in my garden today, The Vibrant Flower brought a smile on my face. Sharing my Joy… A Flower Speaks so much…We just need to admire its subtle beauty and politeness, it asks for nothing more! When you take a flower in your hand Continue Reading

It’s all about Indian Food

site de rencontre badoo nc It’s weekend time and weekend means eating some thing hearty, something special and something Indian for sure….. Indian food is all about Vibrant Colours, Flavours, Spices-Something Sweet, Something Sour and Something Spicy.Yes, I love other cuisines as well but nothing enchants me more than those Indian Street Foods or The Continue Reading

Amidst the Forts

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/2062 I think the comfort of staying in Delhi NCR is you have ample choices for your weekend trip and our trip to Jaipur asserts this fact. To cut short we both wanted to go for long drive but the sad part was we didn’t have more two days in hand Continue Reading

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