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What happens in Corsica stays in CorsicaĀ 

Amazing Picture from a “Hike History” shared by my elder brother who is on a month trip in Corsica.He send me these pictures to invite me and “allure” me. And I am still pondering upon these pictures ! Adventure in Heaven šŸ˜² Have a Look ! I think šŸ’­Ā I should Continue Reading

The Travel Story of Tea In India

Indian tea is one of the best-known tea of the world and the fine leaves are grown in Assam, Darjeeling, Kerela and other parts of India are famous for their aroma and taste.Every place in India has their own tea story and this gives you a chance to make your Continue Reading

The Best way to Beat the Heat is to Look at the Himalayas

I Never knew Summers Can Make Me Write a Blog šŸ˜Æ Can anyone understandĀ the agony and pain in my heart for I am being tortured by………The SUMMERS. The sad story began when The Airconditioner at our Home went out of control and I believe a person who hates Summer like Continue Reading

Stop Thinking and Start Travelling

Travelling ā€“ The Word itself gives me Goosebumps. My passion for travelling has made me write this piece of article. As a kid I was very much fascinated by the word ā€œTravelā€- be it going to market, to shopping malls, to park or may be to a neighboring house because Continue Reading

Five to Do’s For A Memorable Trip apart from Checking your Phone !

I really donā€™t get it when people are on vacation and are continuously checking their phone…Why can’t these people make a choice between Looking at Phone or the Amazing Mountains? Common Man, you have booked this hotel in a valley surrounded by green pasture just to refresh your mailbox?? I Continue Reading

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