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My Life ~My Way

Hurdles make me Brave and Failures make my life Challenging.I don’t like the blunt food nor a blunt Life because Life without Fall is Worthless and Miserable. I like a Road with More Bends and Curves… My Life My Way

I Owe You My Life…

What motivates me to make my life better every day is Forest ūüĆ≥¬† What connects me to God is the Mountains ‚õį¬† What makes me more compassionate and loving are the Beaches…… That Silence That Peace¬†That Love¬† bestowed on me has taken over my Life. I have found Solace in Continue Reading

Where there is Darkness, There once was Light – Be Positive!

The obstacles in our life are seamless and they don’t ask you before giving you a big bang! You never know if you are going to wake up the next morning with same people around you or if you are going to lose someone the same night.You never know what Continue Reading


Each day is born with a sunrise and ends in a sunset, the same way we open our eyes to see the light,  and close them to hear the dark. You have no control over how your story begins or ends. But by now, you should know that all things Continue Reading

Morning Motivation with Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a motivational figure for millions and her magical words have the power to lift any soul.Her struggle, her story and her focus towards her goal are inspiring.For me, she is a motivational source of living.Anytime if you are feeling low just go through these stimulating quotes-you feel Continue Reading

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