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Don’t Kill Your Dreams

Yes I am Fat and I love Myself the way I am

source url “You remember the girl with the trunk thighs, she is the only girl selected from our college” “Oh yes I remember that girl with busty figure” Body Shaming -Some of you might be that “fat girl” and some of you the Commenter!!! There are many women,teenage girls who are going through such smutty comments every Continue Reading

The Secret of Happiness is to Admire Without Desiring

الخيارات الثنائية متعرج استراتيجية My morning began with a beautiful view in my garden today, The Vibrant Flower brought a smile on my face. Sharing my Joy… A Flower Speaks so much…We just need to admire its subtle beauty and politeness, it asks for nothing more! When you take a flower in your hand Continue Reading

Life Gets Better when You Bake

Be True to Yourself… The failures of life cannot pull you back until you decide to stay back.I believe life is all about fighting back and having a faith that you can overcome any hurdles that’s coming on your way. Nobody is born so lucky to have an easy life but we all are Continue Reading

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