Yes I am Fat and I love Myself the way I am

“You remember the girl with the trunk thighs, she is the only girl selected from our college” “Oh yes I remember that girl with busty figure” Body Shaming -Some of you might be that “fat girl” and some of you the Commenter!!!

There are many women,teenage girls who are going through such smutty comments every day and are struggling with body shaming that has shattered their confidence. We talk about family issues, relationship issues, job struggles, but body shaming which urged many of those girls into depression is not much talked about.

What is Body Shaming ?

People judge you by your exterior looks, and say all those mean things that will make you to Hate Yourself, Your Mind and Ultimately Your Soul. The humiliating comments become the misery of your life, bothers you, frustrates you and you realize your life is not less than a Hell!

According to a survey, only 2%of women in the world think they are beautiful – where to buy cialis professional over the counter Only 2%

But who is to Blame for this “Self Loath”; those people who pass on those filthy comments and are now enjoying their coffee now or you yourself who cannot judge what’s right or wrong. Don’t Be Your Own Enemy – Look at yourself through your eyes not through some vague opinions and judgments.

  • There are people out there who are more concerned about other’s life than their own and the only thing they have to do in this god gifted one life is to: make other life hell.These people are everywhere may be sitting next to you or may be someone very close to you…you just can’t rid of those people as a matter of fact. source link But you can always ask your Heart and Mind to get rid of such people.
  • Self Confidence is a jewel of a Women’s Life and I am sure like any woman you would not like to give away your Precious Jewel so easily!! Wear this Jewel every time, whenever you go.
  • Take the comments in a positive way, it’s not necessary that you to answer to them, but you can certainly Ignore Those Comments because that’s not coming from a noble person or a saint or a leader.
  • Look in the mirror and See your curves and Smile. Admire your Body, Yourself because if you can’t appreciate those curves, you can’t have the jewel of confidence. And when you look at mirror think of all the good things you can do to make your life better and how happier your life can be if you start loving yourself. rencontre 04 Fall in love with that Mirror –that truly reflects how beautiful you are.
  • Love Your Soul- Love Yourself – watch Nobody can love you as much as You Can. There are plenty of people to hate you, be the one of those who Loves You.

You may not have been a target of body shaming but you must have for sure overheard these very common and the so called cool comments that have forced today many young girls and women to commit suicide just because they hate their very own body. I want to ask you do we want to live in a society where we are forcing someone to die, I am sure your answer will be No. Everybody wants to have a better society but none of us wants to make an effort to make it so!

I believe it’s our responsibility to educate people, instill confidence in those who are depressed because of body shaming and talk to them; don’t just let it go off. A Little help can make someone’s life better. I believe it’s our obligation to help someone who needs our help because that’s the way we can make our society a better place to live.

And ladies love yourself, your body and soul; you know you are beautiful you just have to look at yourself with Love and Charm.

köpa Viagra på internet Love- Admire- Appreciate Yourself It is important for women to feel beautiful when she looks in the mirror, and I tell women, ‘If you don’t feel beautiful, find one thing that you can look in that mirror and say, ‘That is beautiful. ikili opsiyon sirketleriTyra Banks


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