Be True to Yourself…

go to site The failures of life cannot pull you back until you decide to stay back.I believe life is all about fighting back and having a faith that you can overcome any hurdles that’s coming on your way. Nobody is born so lucky to have an easy life but we all are lucky that there is God always to guide. But the utter truth is “God help those who help themselves”

follow site I believe in believing Myself.

dating rev Trust Yourself, Trust your Hardwork and God will Trust you. 

go to link Be True to Yourself and the rest will Follow…

4 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself…”

  1. I don’t know if “God” will help you or not..But this failure thing is very confusing. We humans think everything in life has to be either right or wrong..but in reality its not that simple. Someone’s success may not be another persons success at all. Each person is different and each outcome is different. Problem happens when we use someone else’s yardstick. My take would be just do what I want to do and that is success for me, it doesn’t matter if its considered success by others or not. What you say Asha?

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