The Best way to Beat the Heat is to Look at the Himalayas

I Never knew Summers Can Make Me Write a Blog šŸ˜Æ

Can anyone understandĀ the agony and pain in my heart for I am being tortured by………The SUMMERS.

The sad story began when The Airconditioner at our Home went out of control and I believe a person who hates Summer like anything cannot experience a worse day than this.

And that Unlucky person is ME šŸ™

The only thing I have in mind now is – A Winter Vacation in Summers

This summer of New Delhi has taken over my life and I feel my mind is blocked with heat nowšŸ˜Ø.I like rainy season but Delhi is such a place that it rains only when you are sleeping or you busy during office hours !!

Why doesn’t it rain over the weekend or morning or somewhere around dinner time so that I can go out in the garden and enjoy the rainĀ šŸ˜”Ā It’s so hot here in Delhi that I have started loving ice creams more than my Choco lava cake šŸ˜Æ

God, Why Delhi can’t have some snowfall~ I know it’s not possible but there is no harm in requesting šŸ™‚

God, Please šŸ‘‚ do something, may be if can convince my husband to plan a trip to the Mountains this weekendšŸ˜Ž Ā because I have failed in convincing himā˜¹ļø

Today Electrician is the most person of my Life, I am dying to meet him šŸ™‚ Ā and for Now, I am relaxing by admiring the Himalayas….

Thank you, Friends, for Reading My Summer Inspired Story šŸ™‚


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