It’s all about Indian Food It’s weekend time and weekend means eating some thing hearty, something special and something Indian for sure….. Indian food is all about Vibrant Colours, Flavours, Spices-Something Sweet, Something Sour and Something Spicy.Yes, I love other cuisines as well but nothing enchants me more than those Indian Street Foods or The Spicy Curry.I mean I can’t imagine a day without an Indian Dish. A few months back when I was chit-chatting with my cousin based in California and I asked him what he missed  the most in the foreign land apart from his mother; The answer was -The Indian food and the sad part was he did not know how to cook so he had nothing left but just to complain !).I understand it’s not possible every day for him to afford some fancy meals in a restaurant as he is just a student there until he has those extra bucks in his pockets.But luckily he has learned cooking now and he knows how to cook some of the basic Indian Dishes.I told you follow site Without Indian Food Survival for an Indian is the toughest !!

opzioni binarie su ipad Luckily Avinash and Me we both gluttons, it was just after our marriage that every other day we were at some or the other restaurant eating some Mutton Biryani, Korma, Naan…list doesn’t end. We realized this eating habit is not pocket-friendly! and so started my culinary journey.I was not a good cook but know considering I love my food and people around me love my recipes- I can say I have learned 🙂 The pleasure of cooking lies not only experimenting with the ingredients in the kitchen but also seeing a smile on someone face that you one dish can dish bring.I love cooking not only for my husband but my neighbors too because that makes me happy.

when your soulmate is dating someone else My Love for Indian Food has made me write a Blog-Food Stories by an Indian Gal.This blog has recipes that include curry, flatbread, desserts, quick recipes and much more to help my readers to enjoy something new something different, something Indian.

You can try out my latest recipe Kadhi Chawal which is the favourite Indian Meal, Masala Chicken Curry which is made with Indian spices, Butter Naan – A Kind of Flatbread, Chicken Biryani , Sabudana Kheer (Sago Pudding) or Rava Uttapam (semolina pancakes) or Poha (flattened rice with peanuts and spices) , Malpua (A royal Indian dessert )…I am sure you will love all these as it has the flavors of our country- full of magic and love.

I am sure you will love all these as it has theهل-الخيارات-الثنائية-حلال-ام-حرام flavors of our country- full of magic and love.My aim is to share our cuisines, our spices, and our traditional foods with people around the globe so that more and more people can enjoy our Food and Culture.After all, Food is the best way to know people and know places 🙂

Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.

Delia Smith

Happy Eating and Happy Weekend 🙂

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