Don’t Kill Your Dreams

enter Few days I was talking to one of my close friend who mentioned that she had started her own homemade bakery shop but unfortunately she had to pull it down just after 2 two weeks.The Reason- The Profits were not as expected and her near and dear ones advised her to shut it down and move ahead with her typing job in the college. They advised her “to think about what people will say and this falling business is just a mockery of their family!!!” She was sad not only because her dreams were shattered but also deep in her heart she knew she didn’t have that courage to speak up for herself, her dreams, and her aspirations. She is right now so disconsolate and frustrated with her own life, that she merely talks to anybody and to my despair she is not the same girl I had known for so many years.I am heartbroken.The only thing I could do was to empathize with her. I feel angry at her family; I mean how can you decide in just two weeks if that’s business is going to run or not, give her some time! I know she is an ardent baker, everybody knows that but there are not many to support her.

tradare on line It’s really disheartening to see people who are so sensible and educated but get swayed away by peoples’ perspective. They know in their hearts what they are yearning for but sadly they are bothered about What People will Think – What people will say. I get disheartened when I see such talented ad creative people falling prey to such unwanted bits of advice and voices around them. People’s Perspective should not bother you, Live your Life the way you want to live! 

handeln mit binäre optionen They will talk about your hair, your makeup, your looks, your body, your life, your way of talking, walking, eating and what not !!!! Just remember their views are not going to change as they are the way they are. Everything changes with time, today they are saying tomorrow will talk good about you.But that should not bother you.My friend has lost her self-confidence; she doesn’t feel good about herself and feels there is nothing much left for her in her Life.I hope I can help her when I will meet her this weekend. We have many people around us who are killing their passion by thinking “what people will say”.Help Someone by Helping them to Live their Life of Dreams.

go to link Let’s try to make life a little easy for someone; known or unknown doesn’t matter….


follow site The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do

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