Where there is Darkness, There once was Light – Be Positive!

The obstacles in our life are seamless and they don’t ask you before giving you a big bang!

You never know if you are going to go here wake up the next morning with same people around you or if you are going to lose someone the same night.You go to site never know what the next day, next moment will be – will be it be a bundle of joy or another despair.You metformin order online never know if you are going to celebrate your next birthday!

That’s what life is!  trading hours for stock options Uncertain and Unpredictable

The only certain thing in life is uncertainty– The simple reality of life which helps us to grow where everything happens so fast, in a complicated way that it makes you freeze and you go numb.

 Our mind is wired in such a way that we are never ready to accept the uncertain things that are going to strike us anywhere anytime. The fear of facing uncertainty is so great that we totally get awestruck when we are actually in that situation and we fail to handle that situation. The rational thinking and your emotional intelligence or your smartness to handle that situation goes away in a moment. Because such situations are distressing we tend to avoid it, control it or altogether eliminate it.This is called compulsive behavior which provides us a temporary relief, intensify the obsession, and soothes the fear which goes away for that moment but keeps on growing day by day.

It’s very important for us to make our self mentally strong that we can face the uncertainty of our life. We have to learn how to handle these situations because uncertainty and challenges of life are general life aspect and they actually help us in becoming more conscious.

enter site Understand the “YOUR” Power and Be in charge of yourself

There is nothing called perfect in our life.Our expectations want desires and emotions can never be same, it will keep on changing and evolving because we don’t have control over our minds. Your job may not be good, the relationship is going through patches and your life is not what you had thought of. So what should we do in such situations? Or should we give up and go crazy and make our life miserable and complex?

No ways ….You have a choice to make or break your life. You are one who knows what you have to do with your life. You are the one who can control your life. You are one who can control your thoughts, emotion and your action. If we are dependent on anybody how to help you to cope you with the situation, it’s for sure that you will be living your life with fear and anxiety forever. Be open to accept the other possibilities and loosen your grip on things. It’s always good to control the situation yourself before situation forces you to bend your heads.

opzioni binarie commenti Have faith in yourself!

Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark. Dan Millman

Replace your anxious thought with meaningful thoughts. Work through your mind to understand that uncertainty is not so bad and it something that you cannot cope up. Instead of thinking what should I do think -its tolerable and acceptable.

http://www.industries3r.com/albiol/7953 Love your Fear

There are certain situations in life which you predict but you not sure if that will happen certainly. I had the fear that if I got to high altitude or mountains I may have an asthma attack because of my contingent disease, but that actually never happened. I gave myself to that situation and yes I  felt uncomfortable, tensed and anxious but after putting myself in that fear and overcoming my fear and I love going to mountains now…

source url Uncertainty is inevitable and no matter what you do if it’s bound to happen it will happen anytime anywhere. It’s always good to embrace the change, face the fear and live in the present moment. You can either choose to over think and over analyze about what is going to happen tomorrow or think about what you should do today.

Instead of failing in such situation we should learn to practice patience, control over our mind and should have power over ourselves. Learn to take risks in life, overcome your fear and move forward in your life instead of clinging to one bad incident that has ever happened in your life. Make your fear your strengths and get over the nagging feeling what is going to happen next.

Learn to embrace the chaos because somehow things generally work out at the end.

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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