List of Best Trekking Places in India

The tranquillity that one can experience by camping at the mountain top surrounded by greenery with a fresh breath of air is incomparable to any pleasure in the world.

India has plentiful of unexplored spots that are not known to the world. There are many trekking passes and camping sites that I would like share with my readers so that more of you can experience effervescence beauty of nature.I have a list for you that includes the trekking and camping places in India.Pick one and pack your bags 🙂 Some of the famous trekking places in Northern India are:

I have also enclosed here few recommendations specially for those who are first timers in the Trekking Expedition. To avoid any hassle and to make the trekking convenient it’s  advisable to do some pre planning and this involves

  1. Preparing your comfortable hiking and trekking clothes– Layering is one of the most common things to keep in mind so that you can prevent yourself from overheating at certain places if you feel.
  2. Carry a small bag pack or fanny bag to carry small essentials like gloves, caps, water bottles and few snacks items
  3. Arrange the camping and trekking accessories.
  4. Get your hiking Shoes for versatility.

Important Tips:

  • Drink source url plenty of water as sweating will exude water from your body. So you need to replenish your body supply of water.
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  • Eat salty snacks to replenish electrolytes in your body.

And you are all set to start another adventurous trip in the bountiful nature…

Experience Nature – Experience Peace

Welcome to India


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