Cafe Cotinga- Desserts and DateNights

  • Are you browsing internet for a place to stay in Goa?
  • Are you looking for a place in Goa that’s the best for a romantic dinner date ,soulful music and palatable food!

citas de manu mujeres y hombres y viceversa

see url I have an answer to all of yours questions. It’s The Tamarind Hotel.This is a three star luxury property situated 2 Km from the Anjuana Beach.It’s a place to experience the luxuries of life and the interesting part- Bicycle is Free with Breakfast !

For me the best part of this Hotel is Cafe Cotinga which the dining center for this hotel.Even if you are not staying at the Tamarind- Cafe Cotinga should be there in your must visit places in Goa.

I visited this place in March this year and it’s something that will always be on my list whenever I am in Goa. A place that will make you whisper ~Yes this is a place I was looking for 😊 I mean the food the ambiance the people the music the aura the dessert ~It’s just Astounding!! Live Music shows adds to the beauty of the night and you have an option to dedicate a song to your loved one !

The sitting arrangement is cosy with comfortable couches and the beautiful turquoise furniture all around.You also have an option of a private place to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the private ❤️  click Bird Cages.

The go Bohemian Culture with authentic taste of food makes this place one of its kind.Anything you want,It’s in the menu .The place has homemade bakery products which makes it obligatory to have a Dessert on your plate.

Cotinga means Cakes and Dessert
A perfect place to chill out and the most recommended place for Date Nights.

A must visit place in Goa.

Cafe Cotinga ~I will be back soon ❤️

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